Gallons, a new short film: special screening on 22 September

The first-ever screening of the short film Gallons will take place as part of a special event on Saturday 22 September, 2–4pm, at Kingsgate Project Space, London. Book a free place here

Marisa J. Futernick, Gallons, 2017
Single-channel video with sound, 12:38
Music by Paul Huckerby. Performed by Paul Huckerby and Marisa J. Futernick.

Land. Oil. Water. Southern California broken down to its most basic elements. A surreal advertisement for a world of tacos, movie-set sheriffs, and endless gallons of swimming pools. Let the surf-guitar sounds wash over you as we float across Los Angeles in search of the cheapest tank of gas in the City of Angels.

Shot on intensely saturated 35mm color slides, featuring a playful narrative told through intertitles, set to an original soundtrack.